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Competition between creative cities: a new form of global competition

Scott, A. J. (2008). Social Economy of the Metropolis: Cognitive-Cultural Capitalism and the Global Resurgence of Cities. Oxford : Oxford University Press. Cooke P, L Lazzeretti – 2008, Creative cities, [...]

Creative cities

Andy Pratt , Paul Jeffcutt (2009), Creativity, innovation and the cultural economy, Routeldge 2009 Landry, C (2008) The Creative City: A toolkit for urban innovators, London, Earthscan Feldman, M. P., [...]

On creative territories

Saxenian, A., (1994), Regional advantages: culture and competition in Silicon Valley and Route 128, Harvard University Press. Rychen, F. and Zimmermann, J. B. (2008) Clusters in the Global Knowledge-based Economy: [...]

Multinationals and creativity

J.Cantwell and Y. Zhang "The innovative MNC: the dispersion of creativity, and its implications", in S. Collinson and G. Morgan (Eds.), Images of the Multinational Firm, Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 2008. [...]

Towards a theory of the creative firm

Nonaka I. et Takeuchi H. (1995), The Knowledge-Creating Company: How the Japanese Companies Create the Dynamic of Innovation, Oxford University Press, New York, NY Kogut, Bruce, and Edward Bowman, eds. Redesigning [...]