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Dynamics of creativity and intellectual property rights

West J. [2006], “Does Appropriability Enable or Retard Open Innovation?”, in Chesbrough ed. Open Innovation: Researching a New Paradigm, Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 109-133. Lerner, J. and J. Tirole [...]

Dynamics of creativity: from emergence of creative idea to market

Christensen, J. L. et Lundvall, B.-Å. (2004). Product Innovation, Interactive Learning and Economic Performance, Amsterdam : Elsevier Uzzi B. et Spiro J.  (2005), « Collaboration and Creativity: The Small World Problem », [...]

Creative industries: a new engine of growth for global economy?

Caves, R. E. (2000). Creative Industries: Contracts between Art and Commerce. Cambridge, Massachusets : Harvard University Press. Hartley, J. (2005). Creative Industries. Carlton : Blackwell Publishing. Eikhof DR, Haunschild A. [...]

Models of innovation and creative economy

Schumpeter J.A. (1941): Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, New York, Harper & Row. Traduction française, Capitalisme, Socialisme et Démocratie, Paris: Payot Arthur, W. B. (2006). The Structure of Invention. Research Policy, [...]

Characteristics of creative economy and consequences on global economy

David W. Galenson, Understanding Creativity, NBER Working Paper No. 16024, May 2010 Åke E. Andersson, Economics of Creativity , chapter 5 of the book New Directions in Regional Economic Development [...]