The dynamics of Brand Management

Pierre Balloffet, associate professor at the Faculty of the department of Marketing at HEC Montréal, head of the marketing communication DESS and Mosaic associate, as well as Jean-Jacques Stréliski, adjunct professor at [...]

The July issue of the TIM Review

The July 2015 issue of the Technology Innovation Management Review has been now published with Patrick Cohendet and Laurent Simon, Mosaic-HEC Montréal, as guest editors. This month's editorial theme is [...]

Does the customer really decides in the process of co-creation with a company?

Laurent Simon, Professor at HEC Montréal et Co-director of Mosaic, sheds light on the subject in interview[…]

The newspaper Le Devoir on the Entretiens Jacques Cartier

In the article Créativité et innovation – Le quartier créatif façonne la ville nouvelle of its special edition, the newspaper Le Devoir reflects on the conference entitled « Quartiers Créatifs »

Where do Ideas Come From

Laurent Simon, co-director of Mosaic, published a post on the blog of C2-MTL. He leads a discussion on the origin of ideas.