Summary of the Mosaic creative 5 @ 8 – the special effects industry

Not only is the city renowned for being the third largest video game cluster, but it is also ranked third for visual effects. In an industry worth $1.3 billion and representing 20,000 jobs in Canada...

The Innovation Factory – taking the plunge

The Innovation Factory takes a fresh look at the fine art of breakthrough innovation. What makes it unique is that it brings together an experienced scholar and a serial entrepreneur who share the same passion for ...

Voyage au cœur d’une transformation organisationnelle : récit et guide pas à pas

Céline Bareil, Sylvie Charbonneau and Aline Baron, three experts in organizational transformation and change management, have over 20 years experience in the field.

We officially launch the school network of creativity and innovation of Mosaic !

This is the Official Launch of the Network of Schools of creativity and innovation Mosaic - HEC Montreal which brings Lille, Strasbourg, Grenoble and Bangkok .

Patrick Cohendet Mosaic Co-director and Co-autor of a new book

SME or multinational, high-tech or family, industry or services at a time of globalization and hyper-competition, all companies facing a single question: how to innovate better, faster, cheaper?