Mosaic at the Entretiens Jacques Cartier

Mosaic, represented by Frédéric Bove (Development and Project Manager) and Pierre Balloffet (director, DESS Marketing HEC Montréal), will be present at the Entretiens Jacques Cartier in Saint-Etienne during the conference « Quartiers Créatifs et Innovations Sociales », which will take place on Wednesday 27th November. Mosaic will head a Quebecois delegation which includes: Yves Beauchamp (director Campus Outremont, Université de Montréal), Patrick Dubé (Living-Lab director, SAT-Ste Justine), and Stéphane Lavoie (General Director at TOHU).

The conference « Quartiers créatifs et Innovation sociale » proposes to examine the socio-economic changes of innovation ecosystems in link with their integration in creative districts. Organized in the creative district heart of Manufacture, the seminar will analyze the conditions for a transition from a developer territory to an incubator territory based on the hybridization of knowledge.

Frédéric Bove, acting as scientific person responsible for the conference, will speak particularly on the notion of “Innovative Business model”.

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