Patrick Cohendet Mosaic Co-director and

Co-autor of a new book

Aut0rs : Thierry Burger-Helmchen, Caroline Hussler, Patrick Cohendet, Collectif EMS

Editor : Editions EMS

Collection : Grands auteurs

SME or multinational, high-tech or family, industry or services at a time of globalization and hyper-competition, all companies facing a single question: how to innovate better, faster, cheaper? Composed of 31 chapters, this book discusses the main perpetrators in innovation management, theories, precepts and practical implications to respond to business innovation needs of contemporary society.

The management of innovation and creativity is both central to the theory and practice of management, yet apart. Because this field derives its force other academic disciplines and related business functions, this volume of the great authors in innovation and creativity covers a wide variety of authors and themes.

It addresses the major themes of innovation today as open innovation, breakthrough innovation or management of communities, without neglecting the latest advances in design and creativity management nor forget the proven economic reasoning on the issue.

Easy to read, each chapter is autonomous and exhibits precise and educational way the contribution of one author in innovation management. The great authors in management of innovation and creativity presents a unique set of reference work for anyone interested in innovation.

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