Sylvie Charbonneau alumni

of the Summer School and president at

Brio Conseils, propose a new book about

managing change in organizations.


Title (available only in french) : Voyage au cœur d’une
transformation organisationnelle

Author(s) : Céline Bareil, Sylvie Charbonneau, Aline Baron

Editor(s) : Éditions JFD

Description of the book:

Positive, energetic, determined, Lea has to manage a major project of organizational change. Her journey will make her live several challenges generally faced by managers when they need manage to succeed a organizational change. We follow her step into that journey. We analyze her successes and her failure, throughout this journey which the main stops are the main stages of CAPTE (In french) approach: understanding, join, participate, transfer and evolve. We also give her twenty concrete tools to better advance, we offer twenty learning directly from her adventures and we ask ourselves 100 “powerful questions” allowing the reader to reflect further. But who is Leah? A complete fabrication from our many years of experience, she is the average manager and organizations of today.

If you are in a management position and have to manage organizational transformation, if you are in a consulting role or if you are studying in the field of change management, this book is for you. It will help you better understand, prepare and demystify your organizational change.

The authors:

Céline Bareil, Sylvie Charbonneau and Aline Baron, three experts in organizational transformation and change management, have over 20 years experience in the field. Céline Bareil is a professor in Department of Management at HEC Montreal and teaches mainly change management and organizational development. Among others, she published ” Gérer le volet humain du changement ” and is a researcher at ”le Pôle Santé”, at the CETO and at the CEFRIO. Sylvie Charbonneau and Aline Baron are part of the team Brio Conseils, a management firm specializing in strategic planning, organizational transformation and implementation of changes. Brio sells the CAPTE methodology and virtual coach SherpaTOMC. Her mission: to help organizations and leaders to reinvent themselves. Sylvie Charbonneau is the president and co-founder and Aline Baron, an executive consultant. They are involved with large to medium organizations in the fields of finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and service.

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