Mosaic is a multidisciplinary platform for research and training in the field of creativity and innovation management.

Part of HEC Montréal, Mosaic is an accelerator of innovation and creativity.

Mosaic’s mission is to help leaders and organizations meet the challenge of innovation with techniques and evolving practices from the creative industries.

Mosaic is also proud organiser of the Summer School on Creativity and Innovation Management

Why Mosaic?

Innovation and creativity generate value for companies and organizations.  Mosaic’s goal is to unleash the creative potential of organizations and to accelerate this process by focusing on the creative potential of employees.  Mosaic can improve the innovation process and boost creativity, efficiency and productivity by offering structured measures of support.

Mosaic makes it possible …

  • To identify applied research projects that are directly related to the needs of a partner (companies, organizations, territories, cities etc…)
  • To teach students the management of creativity for innovation through programs, training activities and knowledge transfer
  • To have access to an international academic network of business partners and a pool of young talent

Mosaic offers

  • Schools of creativity in Montreal & Barcelona, including training sessions and visits to creative businesses
  • Workshops, such as co-design sessions, aimed at finding concrete solutions to problems submitted by an organization
  • Work on applied research subjects responding mg to the direct needs of a partner (-private or public)
  • Programs, training activities and knowledge transfer through exchanges with artists, designers and creative managers in order to gain inspiration by understanding, comparing and discussing their unique approaches


Mosaic is a platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing in the field of creativity management that seeks to:

  • Research and analyze the dynamics and challenges of creativity management across different disciplines
  • Share and compare experiences in creativity management with managers, researchers, designers ….
  • Develop research projects, co-create and collaborate with our network of partners

To accomplish all of this, Mosaic is active on several axes:

  • University research
  • Research – action in organizations
  • Scientific and professional publications
  • Education in regular academic programs
  • Executive customized training
  • Summer School of Creativity and Innovation Management
  • Week long creativity schools in Strasbourg, Lille, Grenoble and Bangkok
  • Mosaic events (conferences, seminars, Master classes, 5@8 ….)

Research themes

Both locally and internationally, Mosaic aims to support the community of researchers, managers and practitioners who are engaged in the development of a better understanding of the management of creativity.

Mosaic also has a mission to distribute information through its partners and the local business community, as well as through an international network of academic partners.

These two objectives are achieved mainly by numerous conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as the summer school and various training sessions co-organized by the group.

Ultimately, Mosaic wants to strengthen its research potential:

  • By bringing together a central “pipeline” of ideas and research connecting quality publications, the empirical work of creative companies, and theoretical reference work.
  • By maintaining involvement in scientific conferences, international networks and forums.
  • By mobilizing other colleagues and doctoral students to ensure that relevant research gets the attention it deserves.
  • By continuing its commitment to the community through symposiums, workshops and research projects.
  • By offering a local and international exchange platform for academic and professional organizations who are interested in creativity management.

Themes covered are:

  • Creative economies
  • Creation management
  • Knowledge management
  • Creative people
  • Creative communities
  • Creative territories
  • The ideation process
  • Open innovation
  • Ideation and Innovation
  • Design Thinking and co-design
  • Brand identity
  • Creative business models
  • Funding creativity
  • Creativity methods
  • Creative Powerhouses
  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • Grassroots innovation
  • Collaborative platform

Montreal-Barcelona summer school

Mosaic, HEC Montreal and the University of Barcelona invite you to become a key actor in the creative economy!