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Date(s) - 16/12/2015
16 h 00 min - 17 h 30 min




The Emergence of Microstructural Manufacturing in the Auto Supply Chain

Peter Warrian

Senior Research Fellow, Innovation Policy Lab, University of Toronto

Date: Mercredi 16 décembre 2015, de 16h00 à 17h30
Lieu: Salle Marie-Husny, 1er étage (section verte), Édifice CSC, HEC Montréal

(Le séminaire sera donné en anglais)


Résumé: Research on the changing dynamics of innovation in the auto supply chain have primarily focused on corporate governance and contractual issues between OEMs, Tier 1 and other suppliers. Less attention has been paid to technology and production developments.
Recent analysis of winners of the PACE automotive innovation awards point to two distinguishing characteristics of successful companies: competencies in advanced materials and new software tools (Warrian & Smitka 2015). The new CAFÉ fuel standards have also intensified materials competition between steel, aluminum, manganese and carbon fibre. Taken together this has resulted in the emergence of a new form of production, microstructural manufacturing. Leading edge companies in the supply chain are now engaged in a qualitatively different form of production from traditional “metal bashing”. These developments will challenge the traditional proprietary product architectures of the automotive OEMs.

Biographie: Dr. Peter Warrian is a Senior Research Fellow at the Innovation Policy Lab, Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto. He is Canada’s leading academic expert on the steel industry. His current research is on knowledge networks, supply chains and engineering labour markets. He was formerly Research Director of the United Steelworkers of America. From 1992-94 he was Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance and Chief Economist of the Province of Ontario. He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.