Retour sur le 5@8 avec Jean-François Harvey, Professeur adjoint à HEC Montréal

Compte-rendu par Elie Saaoud (Candidat MSc, HEC Montréal)

“The Elgar Companion to Innovation and Knowledge Creation” by Patrick Cohendet and Laurent Simon

Un livre co-édité par Harald Bathelt, Patrick Cohendet, Sebastian Henn et Laurent Simon

A Summary of the 5 @ 8 with Alexandre Bigot-Verdier from OuiShare

Decentralizing Organizations to Create “People Platforms” By Elie Saaoud   What does the future hold for the traditional business model in the face of the growing number of self-employed workers? [...]

“Social Business Creation” Competition – Second edition

Mosaic, HEC Montréal’s Creativity & Innovation Hub is proud to have supported the second edition of the “Social Business Creation” (SBC), an international competition organized by our colleague Mai Thi [...]

When Mosaic creates relationships

Mosaic is an accelerator of innovation and creativity. Its mission is to help leaders and organizations rethink management and develop creative skills for innovation. Every year, Mosaic organizes the Summer School [...]